"These shoes...they fit perfectly!"
"I need to kiss you so badly. One of those kisses where I’m pressing against you as much as possible and my hands are in your hair and moving down your back, clutching to you in any way I can, kissing you as deeply as possible and thinking you’re mine, mine mine."
- Me, to you (via heartsworldsapart)
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Charley Pollard, #86 (suggested by manta-rays-on-gallifrey)

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The Incidental Theme of the Eighth Doctor
Artist: Big Finish/Jamie Robertson

Played: 1585 times



30 Days of Dr Who Summer Time Challenge

Day 10: What is your favorite piece of music from the show?

My absolute favorite piece of Doctor Who music isn’t actually from the show at all. It’s from the Big Finish audios, which also take full advantage of their medium to have amazing soundtracks.

I’ll admit picking my favorite Doctor’s theme is probably a bit of a biased choice, but at the same time… it’s an absolutely fabulous piece of music. Even if you’ve never listened to a Big Finish audio in your life or watched anything of Eight’s, I would encourage you to take a listen.

That said, I think it’s quite fitting for the character it represents, too, and it gives me a lot of emotions. After Night of the Doctor came out, I synced up this audio track with some of the visuals of Eight’s regeneration episode.

Which was an absolutely terrible idea, as it left me a sobbing mess for a good 15 minutes.


your description is beautiful thank you

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Happy WednesWhiskyday!
Have a photo that I took the other day to be my new laptop account icon. I’m also in my parent’s house so, have a different background!

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Don’t use the coasters, you’ll ruin them! Use the bloody table instead!

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"The Doctor ran his fingers lightly over the console of his restored TARDIS. The TARDIS ran her console over the fingers of her restored Doctor"
- Cat’s Cradle: Witch Mark (via fightingeldergods)
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theyfitperfectly said:
"What did you just call me?"



Send me "What did you just call me?" and I will generate a number from 1-40 for what my muse will have called yours.

Number Drawn: 8

Captain Obvious.”


"First, there is nothing wrong with the way I fly her. She simply needs a few repairs, which I assume you’re going to point out to me as well. Secondly, you know what they say about talking to yourself being the first sign of madness. Might want to steer clear of doing it altogether.”


  “I would point that out to you, but there’s no point because you’ll still put off doing them. Don’t go denying it, I remember all those times I procrastinated back when I was you. I also know that I went mad quite a while ago, so you’ve got all that to look forward to, Blondie. There’s no avoiding that.”

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